Three Interesting Things To Start Out Your Week

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A Note From The President:
            Three Random Interesting Things To Start Your Week Out
Two articles here from last week’s Wall Street Journal. Note that Idaho made the news for wage and employment growth. With the recent Census Bureau announcement that Idaho is the fastest growing State, this certainly bodes well for real estate.  The second article highlights the massive amounts of venture capital going into concepts that are potential industry disruptors.  I heard recently that $2 billion of capital investment went to various firms in 2017, to organizations that maybe need us maybe not.  Zillow’s market cap right now is just over $10 Billion.   The third article is from Steve Taggart of Idaho Politics Weekly. All three articles can be accessed here:
This election cycle is one of the most significant in a generation, and every REALTOR needs to focus on the candidates and their positions regarding property rights and the real estate industry.  Get informed and get involved!
Have a great week. It’s Spring!
Raphael Barta